Famicom Disk Cleaner

A new arrival today to the collection is the Famicom Disk Cleaner for the Disk System games, (HVC-027 + HVC-028). This new item arrives from Japan brand new in the box. The Disk System games due to their original design were made without a sliding dust shield or protector like what most of know to be present on our PCs 3.5″ Diskettes. Although towards the end of the Disk Systems life the disk color was changed from the iconic yellow to blue and those included a cover.

The games shown to the right show the revisions. The Yellow disk without the dust cover and blue that included a slight redesign to incorporate a sliding dust shield.

While the disk games did include a wax paper sleeve and plastic case to store them many you find on auctions today come just as the disk as the plastics have broken or been lost over time. The Disk Cleaner (seen below) has a cartridge that it included (HVC-028) and also sold desperately to replenish the cleaners ability to clean the magnetic material. From what I can tell this is a dry cleaning system only really only meant to keep dust and finger prints at bay.

HVC-027 (Cleaner) and HVC-028 (Cartridge)

The system itself has a slot designed for the disk games and a weight on the top lid to press the magnetic material down over the raised cleaning surface. A small pin also in the lid would click down into place and allow you to turn the media essentially brushing/cleaning the surface off. Any heavier soils though may require a more manual approach and possibly a liquid cleaner. At the back of the cleaner rests a dial that let’s you roll the cleaning media forward to advance to a new clean spot.

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