About Me

The obligatory “About Me” Page

My name is Chad, I live in the South Western mountains of Colorado. I enjoy the quiet life and slow pace of the rural area. Full time I work for a nationwide phone company in the Quality Assurance department testing software and I also run my own web hosting company.

Growing up I enjoyed going to anime/sci-fi conventions, collecting comics and playing video games. In the early 2000’s I joined the Furry Fandom and for quite a few years visited many Fur Cons around the US and have met a lot of wonderful friends and made some great memories. One other hobby that has stood around is fixing up cars. I have had a lot of different cars and have always enjoyed customizing them to make them unique and stand out from the rest. I have done everything some simple changes all the way to full air-ride, custom paint and stereo systems. Life has quieted down though since then but I that bug is still in me.

I ran ClawGFX from the early 2000’s till about 2016. I design and printed custom vinyl decals and sublimated items like Coffee Mugs and Mouse pads. While the site is now gone many images can be seen on my FA Gallery still. I really enjoyed doing this but ended up shutting down really due to health reasons.

I also founded and ran The Dealers Den auction website until 2017-2018. It has since been handed over to it’s new owners and I am glad to see that it is still thriving today. We originally started as a LiveJournal group along with the Fursuit Lounge. We had a wonderful community and was really glad to see it grow over time.

Today though things have slowed down, I enjoy coin collecting, retro video games centered around the Nintendo Famicom and I like going to the casino here when time and money allows. I do still have my fursuits and usually will try to attend conventions when I can but it has slowed down as other life adventures have been happening. Any way enough rambling. Stay tuned for more.