Jackal Rambles

Oh man where to begin with everything going on, Things are moving at a snails pace it seems sometimes but starting to see some things get done.

The contractor started yesterday evening and brought his tractor and other equipment out and started clearing the space of land where the RV is going to go. He said it would only take him a couple days and then they will be putting rock down and leveling everything out. Should look really nice once it’s done. After that he is going to start on the trench that goes up to the side of the canyon so the electrician can come out and that contractor will take it the rest of the up to the driveway up to the house. Once all this is done then I will need to start saving again. I want to have a nice down payment on the RV so we may still be a couple months off or more depending on what I can manage but I am taking my time to make sure things are done right.

Much excited to get my 3D Printer tomorrow as well! I am getting the FlashForge Adventurer 3 Model. This looked like a great entry level machine with lots of features for the price. I already have a ton of stuff I want to experiment on. I got my transparent clear PLA filament from Amazon I want to try out and I know the machine comes with a sample roll of their brand. Should be a lot of fun getting things setting up and learning something new.